Top Urgent Door and Lock Repair in Vancouver

Entrance door locks break at the most inopportune moment when you are in a hurry to work, come from a party, or have a vacation. You should not solve the problem on your own! You may damage the locking mechanism as well as the door leaf or jamb, resulting in unplanned money and lost time.

Order the emergency exit of our service foreman, describe the problem in detail, and specify the modification of the door lock, - the employee will come with a set of necessary tools, if necessary, will open the metal door and install a new lock.

door repair

Types Of Locks

To know how to repair the door lock with your own hands and not damage it, you should get acquainted with its construction. There are many types of mechanisms. The following systems can be used for a wooden or metal entrance door:

  • Cylinder - the key is small in size, with notches and protrusions;
  • Sward - key on a long leg with "wings" on the sides;
  • Disk - a small semicircular key with notches;
  • Phillips-key - the key looks like a Phillips screwdriver.

Why You Should Not Try To Repair The Locks Yourself

If you are not an experienced locksmith, you will only be able to ruin the lock. This will cost you the need to buy a new expensive lock, paying for the installation of the lock, and it often depends on what kind of lock you choose.

If you try to twist the key in the lock yourself, you could break the key. You still won't get home, and you'll only waste time.

In addition, rarely do you have all the necessary locksmith tools on hand to promptly perform a door repair or door lock repair. Usually, they are simply not there, and your neighbors are at work.

Why You Should Turn To Us

It is best to contact a registered professional organization for a lock picking service. We are a proven and reliable partner. An indicator of quality and prompt work - cooperation with large organizations and thousands of ordinary citizens. The company provides a guarantee on their services and that is why in most cases your door and lock will not be damaged, moreover, the opening of the locks takes no more than 10-15 minutes.

door repair

If you or your relatives or friends are in a difficult situation and can't open the apartment, get into the car, office, or garage, the lock opening service in Canada will render qualified help and will operatively solve the problem.

Promptness, professionalism, and accuracy - this is our principle, thanks to which you can open any lock. It is important to know that the services are provided only with the documents confirming the right of ownership. Emergency assistance is provided round the clock, so you can ask for help at any time.

How The Price For The Door Locks Installation

Keyhole and installation of the new metal lock on the entrance door is a bothersome procedure the price of which is made up of several components:

  • the complexity of the work;
  • the model of the locking device;
  • the material of the door leaf.

Do not think that you can put any lock in place of the old locking device. When choosing a new model, you need to consider the location of the keyhole and handles, the dimensions of the structure, the thickness of the door, and the area of the pocket.

Usually, a modification of the same brand is chosen, because manufacturers try to produce approximately the same size and characteristics of products from the same series. But there are interchangeable locks of different brands, for example, the Mottura 40 series model is similar in dimensions to the Cisa modification of the small series.

Before installing the lock contact our specialist and get a preliminary price of the service. The final cost of the work is set by the master after examining the entrance door and the locking device!