Lock Replacement, Mortise, And Repair

Doors are everywhere: in an apartment, house, office, and other places. Every room has an entrance and exit, and, therefore, a door.

Beautiful, expensive, and modern doors are fashionable nowadays. But they quite often need to be repaired. For example, to replace the lock. There are a lot of reasons for its occurrence. One of the most widespread is the usual lock breakage, but the loss of the door key is quite another matter.

How And By Whom Is The Lock Replaced?

Replacement of the door lock is made by searching for a similar kind. For a faster replacement, of course, you need an exact duplicate of the lock. Then the master will be able to make a replacement in a few minutes.

lock repair

There are also situations when such locks are no longer produced, and what to do then? Other locks may have a different size lock cylinder, so the technician would have to make such a procedure as changing the lock cylinder. This will take extra money and time. Metal doors are especially difficult to replace because they have a rather thick layer of material.

Lock repair or replacement should be made only by professionals. If an inexperienced person tries to repair the door lock himself, he may ruin something there. Thus, in the end, you will have to spend much more money, which will not please many people, right?

Don't forget to repair your door after a lock replacement. You can do it by yourself or call a door repair company. This is a good door repair company in Toronto - Door Helper.

Lock Replacement Procedure

Change of locks is made in the following sequence:

  1. first, you need to pick a lock;
  2. a specialist from our organization will insert a lock and all the necessary locking mechanisms;
  3. then the handle and the escutcheon are installed on both sides.

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